• Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Certification: Open Water Diver
  • Maximum Depth: 17 meters
  • Access Type: By boat
  • Day and Night Diving
  • Dive Time: Approximately 45 min
Simple Dive (With Full Gear)60
Simple Dive (Weights + Tank)45
Double Dive (With Full Gear)95
Double Dive (Weights + Tank)85
Night Dive (With Full Gear)70
Night Dive (Weights + Tank)60


In the middle of the bay of Alicante, at a depth of 17 meters, there are some old pontoons, structures that used to serve as walkways to access boats in the ports. These pontoons have created an artificial reef that is now teeming with marine life.

The seabed in this diving area is mainly composed of sand, with large patches of seagrass and scattered rocks. The combination of these elements provides a diverse habitat rich in biodiversity.

Following the north-to-south direction within the diving area, you will find a large emitter, a structure with many holes and rocks where large conger eels and moray eels inhabit. These fascinating fish are a highlight attraction at this diving spot, and divers have the opportunity to observe their behavior in their natural habitat.

The usual bottom time in this area is around 45 minutes, allowing divers to fully explore and enjoy the beauty and marine life found in the submerged old pontoons. It's an exciting and enriching experience for diving enthusiasts in the bay of Alicante.