La Llosa



  • Level: Intermediate
  • Certification: Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Maximum Depth: 25 meters
  • Access Type: By boat
  • Day Diving
  • Dive Time: Approximately 45 min
Double Dive Tabarca (With Full Gear)100
Double Dive Tabarca (Weights + Tank)90


'La Llosa' or 'Merolandia' dive is one of the most famous in the Tabarca area, located within the marine reserve of Tabarca Island. This dive is accessed by descending down a line connected to a buoy, and the depth at this point reaches 25 meters.

On the seabed, you'll find an underwater mountain surrounded by meadows of seagrass (posidonia), which provides an ideal habitat for various marine species. A notable feature of this dive is the presence of a cleaning station for Groupers. These stations are places where fish come to be cleaned and rid of ectoparasites, and witnessing this fascinating behavior is common during the dive. Groupers are the stars in this area, and encountering large specimens is almost guaranteed.

In addition to Groupers, it is also common to encounter sea eagles, barracudas, slipper lobsters, wrasses, and a wide variety of Mediterranean fish. These underwater encounters add excitement and beauty to the diving experience at 'La Llosa' or 'Merolandia'.

The Tabarca marine reserve is known for its richness and marine diversity, and this dive allows divers to immerse themselves in a spectacular environment and enjoy marine life at its fullest.