Cala Palmera



  • Level: All levels
  • Certification: All
  • Maximum Depth: 9 meters
  • Access Type: From the shore
  • Day and Night Diving
  • Dive Time: Approximately 45 min
Simple Dive (With Full Gear)60
Simple Dive (Weights + Tank)45
Double Dive (With Full Gear)95
Double Dive (Weights + Tank)85
Night Dive (With Full Gear)70
Night Dive (Weights + Tank)60


Located in Cabo Huertas, it is one of the stunning coves that captivate the attention of diving enthusiasts due to its interesting natural environment. Its morphology and extensive seagrass meadows make it a place of great interest.

The dive at Cala Palmera takes place around a series of rock channels that, in turn, form impressive walls full of color and marine life. These walls are adorned with sponges, ascidians, bryozoans, and other fascinating marine organisms.

The maximum depth of the dive is 9 meters, with entry from the coast allowing easy access. Due to its rocky bottom with numerous holes and small caves, the marine diversity that can be found here is astonishing. Divers may encounter schools of salema, large groups of salps, octopuses, cuttlefish, congers, white seabreams, and especially nudibranchs.

In Cala Palmera, it is possible to spot more than 4 different species of nudibranchs during a single dive, including the 'Doris elegance', 'Flabelinas', and 'Sea hares'. These colorful marine mollusks add a special touch to the underwater experience.

The average duration of the dive at this point is usually around 45 minutes, during which divers can enjoy the beauty and diversity of marine life at Cala Palmera, a true underwater paradise.