Cala Granadella



  • Level: All levels
  • Certification: All
  • Maximum Depth: 11 meters
  • Access Type: From the shore
  • Day Diving
  • Dive Time: Approximately 45 min
Simple Dive (With Full Gear)60
Simple Dive (Weights + Tank)45
Double Dive (With Full Gear)95
Double Dive (Weights + Tank)85


Cala Granadella is a very popular and beautiful cove that harbors endless possibilities for divers beneath its waters. With rocky walls, small caves and grottoes, abundant holes teeming with marine life, seagrass meadows, and sandy bottoms, this place offers different types of dives with convenient access.

The maximum depth at Cala Granadella reaches 11 meters, while the average depth is around 7-8 meters. Access to this cove is from the beach, making the start of the dives easy.

During the spring, it is common to spot different species of rays in the sandy area of the cove. These elegant marine animals add a special touch to the diving experience.

On the wall of the eastern face of Cala Granadella, there are two small grottoes that are easily accessible for divers of all levels. Inside these grottoes, it is possible to encounter a phenomenon called 'halocline'. This phenomenon occurs due to the density change between freshwater and saltwater, as underground rivers flow into the grottoes. The halocline creates a fascinating visual effect, with a layer of freshwater floating over the saltwater, providing a unique experience during the dive.

In summary, Cala Granadella is an incredible place for diving, with its beautiful underwater features including rocky walls, caves, grottoes, and a variety of marine life. Both beginner and experienced divers will enjoy the exciting opportunities that this cove on the coast has to offer.