Barquito 12



  • Level: Beginner - Intermediate
  • Certification: Open Water Diver
  • Maximum Depth: 12 meters
  • Access Type: By boat
  • Day and Night Diving
  • Dive Time: Approximately 45 min
Simple Dive (With Full Gear)60
Simple Dive (Weights + Tank)45
Double Dive (With Full Gear)95
Double Dive (Weights + Tank)85
Night Dive (With Full Gear)70
Night Dive (Weights + Tank)60


In the middle of the bay of Alicante, in front of Serra Grossa, lie the remains of an old fishing boat known as 'Barquito 12', resting at a depth of 12 meters on a sandy seabed. This dive offers the opportunity to explore different parts of the wreck, such as the hull and the engines, scattered throughout the sandy area.

The wreck of 'Barquito 12' has created an artificial reef that is teeming with marine life. During the dive, divers may encounter moray eels, octopuses, conger eels, castanets, large schools of damselfish, and nudibranchs. It is common to spot different species of rays and flatfish, such as skates, rays, and flounders, adding beauty and diversity to the underwater experience.

The usual bottom time for this dive is around 45 minutes, although it may vary depending on the sea conditions. Divers have the opportunity to explore the remains of the boat and enjoy the surrounding marine life during this time.

Access to this dive is done by boat, allowing convenient transportation to the site. Divers can descend directly from the vessel and begin their underwater adventure at 'Barquito 12'.