Artificial Reefs



  • Level: Intermediate
  • Certification: Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Maximum Depth: 22 meters
  • Access Type: By boat
  • Day Diving
  • Dive Time: Approximately 45 min
Double Dive Tabarca (With Full Gear)100
Double Dive Tabarca (Weights + Tank)90


The artificial reefs in Tabarca are a highlight for divers. At a depth of approximately 22 meters, on a sandy bottom, we find a series of concrete cubes arranged at different heights, creating a curious artificial reef. These cubes have been colonized by gorgonians and a wide variety of marine invertebrates, giving it a colorful and vibrant appearance.

Heading east from the concrete cubes, we can find the remains of an old wooden fishing boat. These remains provide an additional habitat for marine life and add an extra dose of excitement to the dive.

During the exploration of the artificial reefs in Tabarca, it is very common to encounter Groupers, Amberjacks, Snappers, and Mantis Shrimp. These species are a frequent presence in this area and provide an exciting opportunity to observe their behavior in their natural environment.

The artificial reefs in Tabarca are havens for marine life and offer divers a unique experience. In addition to encounters with various fish species, the colonization of gorgonians and the presence of marine invertebrates add beauty and diversity to the dive.