Perfect Buoyancy

Perfect Buoyancy Image165 € ALL INCLUDED
  • Must be a certified diver
  • Must be in good physical condition and general health
  • Theoretical classes (Online)
  • Practical classes


The SSI Perfect Buoyancy course is designed to help you improve and master your buoyancy skills in the water. Through theoretical instruction, confined water practices, and open water exercises, you will learn techniques and strategies to achieve perfect and controlled buoyancy while diving.

The main goal of the course is to help you maintain neutral buoyancy during dives, which will allow you to move with ease, reduce air consumption, avoid damage to corals and other underwater life, and have a more comfortable and relaxed diving experience. You will learn to use your buoyancy control device, breath control, and propulsion techniques to maintain optimal buoyancy in different diving situations and conditions.

Mastering buoyancy is essential to becoming a safer, more efficient, and environmentally conscious diver. It will allow you to fully enjoy your dives and minimize the impact on the underwater ecosystem.